Le strapontin
La loge (coté gauche)
Au spectacle
La loge coté droit
Mise en place
Que le spectacle commence !
Le voile 1
Le voile 2
Le voile 3
Le ballet
La danse des Planches
Le théâtre des planches 1
Le théâtre des planches 2
Le théâtre des planches 3
Spectateurs - acteurs

This series could be carried to another century, when the sea was reserved to some happy few. When whe try to remember this period, pictures which come to our mind are those from painters.

With my Polaroid Image system and Fuji Instax, I walk through Normandy Beachs to find light from the old time.

It’s quite obvious for me to use an old camera with out-of-date films to retrieve those passed atmospheres. Pictures show less and let the imagination rave.

For those specific pictures, I try to use beach as a theater, and stage beach fourniture. Hopper and Magritte are not so far...