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Hom(m)es studied the contribution of man in his immediate environment, by finding character traits of the inhabitant through his house.

When Hom(m)es reveals the intimacy of a character from a collection of objects, At(H)ome offers an intimate visit to the unconscious through the representation of the landscape.

As an extension of the experience of one of the protagonists of the series, At(H)ome questions the perception of the territory in a place where remarkable landscapes and everyday landscapes merge into an intimate geography.

Each set of fragments of remarkable landscapes assembled recompose an ideal landscape.

If At(H)ome appears as a break in the corpus of my work, it is because it is linked to a change of living space and the feeling of having finally found my place in a territory.

In this, at(H)ome seems essential to me.

At(home) is literally “home”. It is also a relationship of scale between man and the landscape in this place. Finally, it is an analogy with molecules, assemblies of atoms forming a whole with their own characteristics.

The series consists of quadriptychs of remarkable landscapes connected by a series of everyday landscapes in square format.