Holiday house 1
Holiday house 2
Holiday house 4
Holiday house 5
Holiday house 6
Holiday house 7
Country house 0
Country house 1
Country house 2
Country house 3
Country house 4
Country house 5
Tiny House 2
Tiny House 1
Tiny House 3
Tiny House 4
Tiny House 5
Emergency state 1
Emergency state 2
Fantasy house 1
Fantasy house 2
Fantasy house 3
Fantasy house 4
Fantasy house 5
Fantasy house 6
Cosy House 1
Cosy house 2
Cosy house 3
Cosy house 4
Cosy house 5
Cosy house 6

A territory is first and foremost the signature of a collective entity, a commune, a department, a region.
In this project, I was interested in the first individual subdivision of a territory: the house, and I sought the expression of the individuality of this territory, how the character of the inhabitant is reflected on his house.
I was able to identify different trends, from the tiny house to neo-castles,

The scenography will be inspired by the set theory, each house being more or less related to several categories.