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Gérard Staron is a photographer born in 1962.He grows surrounded with the works of his great-uncle Henry Caillet, painter of the beginning of the first half of the 20th century, which took very early the bend of the cubism.

 At 30 years, on the occasion of a journey in Mali, he borrows the Polaroid of his father, himself passionate about photography, to be able to leave a photo to the children of the schools of the Dogon country.

At the end of 2013, he works at full time in photography. He participates in 2014 and 2015 in numerous exhibitions such as “Salon de la Marine”, ExPolaroid, photographic Meetings of Art’lon, Nights of Pierrevert, “Art en capital” and the “Salon des Beaux-Arts” in Paris.

For some series, the Polaroid allows him to make the junction enter photography (passion of the father) and painting (job by the great-uncle), by his particular depiction.

Gérard Staron works on notion of time, the time which spends, the forgetting, the nostalgia, the no return sensation and the feeling that our existence will be very brief.

Then, the childhood appears as blessed and past period, accompanied with its dreams (childhood dreams, Haddock) and its nightmares (Nightmare), on which it feel good to come back (An ordinary life), even if these memories fade little by little (Remember our holidays, Sweet flowers).

The nostalgia for period more splendor is always present, either very old period or recent one (Sea bathing, Grey low-season, Off-season colors).

Then, if the past seems comfortable, the future shows itself disturbing. If we know, hardly, where from we come, we do not know where we go, in spite of the visible certainty of the omniscient man of our century. We are still anxious, in front of a world we do not really understand( Lost), strengthened by the obvious fact of the devastation which the man is able to spread on the world (Snow globes, Nightmare).