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Sous la falaise (Le parasol jaune)
Promenade sous le phare

This series, carried out from 2013 to 2017, bears witness to a distant time when the sea was barely accessible and was dreaming, a still relatively virgin coastline, a seaside described in light and reflections by the Impressionists.

Sea bathing questions the memory and the shift to reality. Our memories of this period are made up of images brought back by the painters, thus interpreted in the background and in the form.

So I chose a medium that by its rendering acts on perception like painting: Polaroid, by its total absence of sharpness, by the diffusion of colors provides the same impressions as painting.

The Polaroid is already an ancient device in our memory and is therefore associated with the past, and therefore participates in hanging up these recents images to an imaginary of the past.

In the last images of the series (Let start the show !), I wanted to accentuate the gap with reality by staging elements, that do not exist in reality.

NB: This is not an attempt to join the late current of pictorialists, who denied the particularity of the photographic medium and added to the process of manual acts supposed to restore a status of work to an industrial process. On the contrary, it is here the particularity of the medium that gives meaning to the image.