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Welcome to HappyLand
Nobody's home
Trees spirit
Two of them
The absurd shelter
A small ray of hope
Something somewhere
Road track in the sky
Light nursery
Photosynthesis vol.3
Photosynthesis vol.1
Photosynthesis vol.4
No child, no cry
Narcissus land
White shadows
Light for painters
Light over quiet water
The light behind the wall
We are watching you
Stop for nothing
Last hope for paradise
Flying Motorcycles
It's Ad time

If in Todd Hido's pictures, light in windows at night seams to promise the comfort of a presence, a little of heat or fragments of life, here the light feels well absurd and useless.

It is synonymic of solitude, abandonment.

At night, at the end of a shooting day , it is the everyday life of a field photographer, a feeling of space of the present moment.