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Gazon (300x200 cm)
L'embouteillage (60x400 cm)
Le déjeuner dur l'herbe (60x300 cm)
Habitat vertical (47x213 cm)
Les voisins (180x120 cm)
L'état d'urgence (282x212 cm)
Il est grand temps de rallumer les étoiles (400x500 cm)
Détail (Il est grand temps de rallumer les étoiles)
La scénographie

"Faux-Semblants" is a work on the photographic medium, its relation to space and time.

The photograph offers only a truncated image of the reality of space, delimited by the sensor surface of the camera or the sensitive surface of the film. Photography is not an objective image of reality but a subjective vision proposed by the photographer throught this small window.

The idea is to recreate a large space, by the juxtaposition and the multiplication of these fragments of "landscapes". However, the proposed image is not a reflection of reality but the sum of the subjectivities of each fragment.

"Faux-Semblants" is also a work on the relation to the time of the medium. Exit the photographic snapshot, the image is here built on a long time and represents a sum of different moments.

"Faux-Semblants" is in a way a questioning of the concepts of "truth photography" and "decisive moment".

The reconstructed image, voluntarily suggestive, allows us to take a critical look on our way of life.

The photographic installation is It is a closed space of 4mx5m in which are arranged the large prints, allowing the viewer to immerse themselves in the images while maintaining a feeling of confinement in correlation with the proposed images.