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La tour Eiffel
La tour Eiffel (Détail)
La tour Eiffel, Vidéo

At the time of the systematic recycling and of biodegradable objects, it would seem that our environment is not as well idyllic as it should be.
We just forgate two essential factors which govern the natural cycles: the number and the time. So, biodegradable object will remain present in the environment the time of its degradation. if an object of the same type arrives before this deadline , the object becomes seemingly permanent, because replaced systematically before its end of life.
Snow globes describe this fact. Each subject is shown with the waste found around it. The first picture, the Eiffel tower with waste found on December the 27th. The picture is made to be printed in large size (more than 2m) to offer two reading level. From far to see the snow globe effect and near the picture to be able to read all the writings on waste (location of metro ticket…) to imagine element of life of people.
Each image is completed by a short video.